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Monitor Calibration

As part of our continuing efforts to make what you see more like what you get, we offer these tips for adjusting your display...

1 - Make sure you have the computer's color depth set high enough.
For the best view of our fabrics and other items, your display should be set to at least 16-bit color (The option in your display settings may also be listed as 64k or 65,536 colors.) 24-bit or higher will give even better color, but may slow very old systems unacceptably; it's up to you.

2 - Adjust your monitor's brightness and contrast.
The image below contains 32 shades of grey, progressing evenly from black to white. By adjusting your monitor's brightness and contrast settings, you should be able to find a combination of settings that lets you see all the shades, with the black and white ends dark & bright, respectively. Most all modern monitors have electronic controls with an on-screen menu for such adjustment, and you may need to consult your monitor's manual for instructions.

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For AOL users...
For the best level of detail and accuracy of color, we recommend that AOL users make sure the "Use Compressed Graphics" option is turned off. (This may not apply to newer versions of AOL, particularly with broadband.)

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