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How to Order

It's easy to order from The Virginia Quilter. Here's what to do, and what to expect when you do it...

"Add to Cart" example You start off the the usual way. On the individual item's page, or in the item's listing page, enter the amount you want, then click the "Add to Cart" button.

(We only collect sales tax on orders inside Virginia. Very small orders may have their shipping charges reduced below the quoted amount. International orders are always quoted zero shipping, but will be charged actual costs. Details are given on the tax/shipping zone page.)

Cart display example As you add items to your selection, they will appear in your cart. You can click on any item name in your cart to get back to its page, and through it the collection or group of items it is in, or you can navigate with the category links on the left of the page.

You can change your selection at any time you view your cart, by editing any item's quantity, or checking its box in the Remove colume, then clicking the Update Cart button.

Once you are satisfied with your selections, click the "Checkout" button from any page.

Checkout example When you check out, you have a choice of using the "express" checkout, creating an account, or signing in. If you choose the "express" checkout, you will have to fill in all your information each time you order. If you create an account, your billing and shipping information will be saved for future orders. If you sign in, you can use your saved billing and shipping information for the current order. After you submit your order you will receive a receipt via email, provided you enter your address correctly, so double-check it.

Happy Quilting!
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